A1000 Drain Back Ventilated

The Aluma Kor A1000 panel system is a drained and back ventilated rain screen incorporating a strip of composite material in the reveal between each panel (instead of caulk) resulting in a more uniform appearance. The rain screen A1000 system is made with fabricated panels and shipped-loose “track” extrusions. The fabricated panels include a “frame” extrusion, attached to the routed and returned edges of the panel that fits conveniently into the field installed horizontal and vertical “track” extrusions. Aluma Kor’s A-1000 rain screen is designed to allow moisture to permeate the outside wall, but subsequently drain through weep holes along the bottom edge of each panel. While any remaining moisture is designed to evaporate, the outside wall is not designed to act as a water/vapor barrier for the building.