Installation Manual

Aluma-Kor aluminum composite material (ACM) is the building material of the future, which you will discover as soon as you install it. Our ACM is easy to install and requires no special tools with the exception of standard installation tools. Aluma-Kor’s versatility makes it adaptable to many other standard systems that are available from a variety of vendors, including rout & return systems, glazed-in systems and creative custom systems. In addition, you can create complex assemblies with Aluma-Kor in combination with polyethylene welding and support systems attached with structural adhesives.

This “How To” Manual has been developed to assist new installers with installation of simple standard Aluma-Kor panels in the most efficient and effective manner. The tips and suggestions contained in this manual are the result of many years of combined experience by installers in both the U.S. and abroad. These recommended suggestions are based on information which is, in our opinion, reliable. However, since skill, judgment, and quality of installation, equipment, and tools are involved, and since conditions and methods of installing Aluma-Kor material are beyond our control, the suggestions contained in this manual are provided with-out guarantee. We recommend that prospective users determine the suitability of both the material and suggestions before adopting them on a commercial scale.

ROLLFAB METAL PRODUCTS DOES NOT MAKE ANY WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR PURPOSE, WITH RESPECT TO ANY SAID SUGGESTIONS AND PRODUCT DATA. In no event shall Rollfab Metal Products, have any liability in any way related to or arising out of said suggestions and product data for direct, special, consequential or any other damages of any kind regardless whether such liability is based on breach of contract, negligence or other sort, or breach of any warranty, express or implied. Also, normal safety and health precautions practiced in any fabricating environment should be used when fabricating Aluma-Kor material. Goggles or other face protection, as well as hand protection should always be worn. MSDS for Aluma-Kor materials are available through our Customer Service Department.